Happy Wednesday people!

So great news on our end, we have a new comic on the way. Team ReGrBl has been asked to do a new comic inspired by people and events in the Bay area. We’ve been feverishly working on it these past few weeks and now we have enough to start publishing online. The comic will have a limited run on our site as well as update alongside Regrbl, so don’t worry that comic is still going strong. The new project is titled Clan of Saints Bay.

This new comic is all thanks to the lovely people of
KulArts who commissioned the project. It’s part of a new, larger project they’ve spearheaded known as Kwentóhan: Pinoy Stories in Pictures & Words

To highlight this project an exhibit will open here in the financial district of San Francisco. If you’re in the bay area and love what we do, we’d appreciate it if you stopped by and check it out. You can check out the details Here

Kwentóhan: Pinoy Stories in Pictures & Words Exhibition this Thursday showing off our new comic Clan of Saints Bay

Hope to see you there