Hello and good day reader friends,

I know what you’re thinking, ‘you guys said you’d be resuming soon,’ well we have been, sort of… Our updates have been far and few between and the last long running story arc has yet to continue, BUT we still post a new comic or holiday image …when we can.

It’s that dang ol’ Shards comic anthology we mentioned before, we’ve been busy working with In Hiatus Studios to push out the first Volume!

In Hi Who? In Hiatus Studios, that’s who. They’re a San Francisco-based creative studio and publisher, focused on Comics, Illustration, Concept Art and Animation. Currently we’ve been working with them on pushing out original comic book titles.  You can visit their site InHiatusStudios to learn more about those titles!

They were also recently highlighted in Bob Cut Mag; a wonderful online platform and magazine that curates the culture of the Bay Area.

[Photography by Danielle Rueda]

The article interviews the group and gives readers insight to the hows, the whys, the whodunnits and all the other juicy morsels your mouth waters for. Read the entire article here:

Lastly, and most importantly; with any good tidings that generously grace us comes the Party! That’s right regrboys and regirlsbl? (/shrug) InHiatus Studios is having a Launch Party next week on Wednesday, March 22.

Isn’t that so sweet? Actually it’s bittersweet, because sadly, such an amazing event can only be held in one location due to the outbreak of hysterical fanaticism and global explosion of minds it could cause.

That lucky location is at Treehouse Society, 730Commercial St, San Francisco, CA

So if you’re in bay area come on in, the water’s wine, as in there’ll be alcohol, so you gotta be 21+ of age, sorry kiddies.

Visit their facebook page to read more deets and keep up with their antics.

We’ll continue to try and keep you all in the loop of our doings, but that’s all for now folks, thanks for reading!