Wow, the first strip!
If you’re at this page, it means you’re probably new here and wanna check things out from the beginning.
First of all, thank you for coming! We love getting new readers, and are proud of what we’ve accomplished these past six years. Wait… six? Holy crap, yea, six. Time flies.
Second, I have to apologize for the way our site looks. We’ve been through several revisions, some of which I as the webdesigner have been quite proud of. This one… is not one of them. You see, we run our site based off of the ComicPress plugin through WordPress, which recently had an update. Said update did not get along with the way we had our site laid out, and threw most of our pages by the wayside. I’m trying to restore the pages to their full glory, with their witty comments and titles, but until then I put up the comics themselves. And that’s the real heart of this place!
Please enjoy reading our story of three unskilled, uncoordinated, happy-go-lucky heroes and all the problems they face. Stay tuned because we update every Wednesday and Friday!